What are the five best Abu Dhabi food experiences?

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Dalia Hatuqa
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Whether you have an exotic palate or prefer to stick to more familiar Middle Eastern flavors, Abu Dhabi has an abundance of food experiences worth trying, starting with these five picks from our Forbes Travel Guide editors:
1. Camel burgers. If you’ve come to Abu Dhabi feeling a bit gastronomically adventurous, head to Le Café at Emirates Palace for their excellent camel burger. Afterwards, finish your meal with one of the café’s signature cappuccinos or fruit tarts that are sprinkled with edible gold, or try the camelccino, a rich espresso drink made with camel milk.
2. Pomegranate juice. Visit Café Layali Zaman, a seaside restaurant favored by local foodies, early in your trip because once you sip a cup of their fresh pomegranate juice and dig into a few shish tawook (barbecue chicken skewers) you’ll undoubtedly want to make plans for a return visit before heading home. Grab a spot on the outdoor terrace overlooking the boulevard and polish off your meal with a few puffs of grape-flavored shisha.
3. Falafel. Freshly made fruit juices, perfectly crisped falafel, and lamb khisha khash are three of the specialties folks are happy to wait in long lines for at low-key Lebanese Flower, which serves some of the most heavenly Middle Eastern bites in the city. Affordable and casual, this is a perfect spot to enjoy great food in the company of locals.
4. Saudi Cuisine VIP. Don’t leave Abu Dhabi without feasting at Saudi Cuisine VIP, a cozy restaurant where the seating area is adorned with sheepskins and where individual portions of the succulent, slow-roasted meats on the limited menu are enough to feed a small family. Don’t even think about using a spoon or fork here: dining here is very much a hands-on experience.
5. Café Arabia. Whether you come for a cup of tea or for a full dinner, Café Arabia’s elegant surroundings will leave you feeling right at home – and the camel-milk chocolates here ended up being one of the tastiest sweet treats we tried while eating our way through the city.

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