What is the one must-do activity in Bali?

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Mutia Adisoma

The thing that makes Bali different from other island destinations in the world is definitely its culture. Balinese Hinduism has so much influence on the local culture, which is strong and enduring despite all the development and change happening around the island. It would be a shame not to witness a traditional ceremony while here – from full moon ceremonies to funerals, the intricate customs and the traditional garments worn during ceremonies are amazing and eye-opening and might even become some of the most memorable things about your trip.

Depending on where your accommodations are located and how much time you have, it might be difficult to catch a special ceremony. If this is the case then definitely try to catch a Balinese dance performance because the costumes and dance movements are absolutely enchanting. Ubud has many daily dance performances, but another area to consider is Uluwatu for its electrifying Kecak dance at sunset. In an open-air amphitheater, about one hundred bare-chested men will gather in a circle to chant and shout with animated hand movements as dancers perform the famous story of Ramayana in the center of the circle. This is an experience not to be missed!

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