What language is spoken in Bali?

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Mutia Adisoma

Bali is just one island out of 17,000-some islands that make up the vast Indonesian archipelago. A plethora of languages and dialects are spoken in the country--not only do Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia (the national language, also commonly referred to by expats as simply “Bahasa”), but they also have a relatively good handle on at least one regional language and English, which is taught at schools starting in elementary school or earlier. Bali is no exception to this, with most Balinese speaking Bahasa Indonesia, Balinese, English, and sometimes Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, and German. Their propensity for learning foreign languages is of course driven by the tourism, but it is also due to the Balinese inclination to make guests feel as welcome as possible. They are quite the hospitable folk, so if this means learning how to joke or converse a bit in your language, then attempt it they will!

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