What should I pack for a trip to Bali?

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Mutia Adisoma

Packing for Bali is not too different from packing for a trip to any other tropical country. Bring clothing that is light and made of breathable fabric, comfortable sandals and/or shoes for walking around, flip-flops for a day poolside or at the beach, a hat and sunglasses. Some restaurants in Bali enforce a dress code, so it is good to also bring “resort wear” – for women this means something along the lines of a cocktail dress and for men a button-down shirt and pair of nice slacks should suffice.

You can pack a backpack if you are planning to go on an all-day trek or guided tour, but if you want to go places that are dense with people (markets or nightclubs), leave the backpack behind and bring a cross-body or some other type of bag that you can keep an eye on. Thievery isn’t as prevalent in Bali as it is in some other tourist destinations around the world, but you should stay on the safe side by not looking like you are “begging to get pickpocketed.”

Sunscreen can either be packed beforehand or purchased once you get to Bali. Another thing to purchase at your earliest convenience is mosquito repellent. The mosquitos can be a bit of a nuisance, especially around sunset and in the early evenings. A good local brand to use is Autan (available in any drug store or supermarket).

ATM machines can be found all over, so it is not necessary to bring tons of Indonesian Rupiah with you unless you are not a fan of foreign transaction fees (sidenote: beware of unofficial money changers! Use an ATM to get more cash and avoid being scammed). And last but not least, do not forget your camera. From offerings placed on the street to smiling children to jaw-dropping painted skies at sunset, you will have endless opportunities to capture beautiful moments with your camera during your time in Bali.

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