What are the relaxation lounges like at Club Oasis?

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Unlike many traditional Western-style spas, you won’t find a separate relaxation lounge with dim lighting and chaise lounges at Club Oasis. Rather, the relaxation areas at the spa located in Grand Hyatt Beijing are built into the locker room facilities and are more like brightly lit, casual sitting areas where you can flip through local newspapers like China Daily and The Beijinger while waiting for your treatment to begin. In the locker room’s main foyer, you’ll find a comfortable dark rattan sofa topped with plush white pillows and seat cushions, as well as two arm chairs and two low wooden coffee tables displaying small vases of orchids. Another sofa is available in the main grooming area of the locker room, although this might not be the prime spot for relaxing since you’ll have to make do with the hum of hairdryers. If you do want to enjoy a relaxing recline, though, we’d suggest the indoor swimming pool, which is accessible from the locker room. Here you’ll discover padded lounge chairs topped with towels and you’ll hear the soothing sounds of trickling water from the pool’s large fountain and waterfall as well as the recorded chirps of wildlife (think frogs and crickets) which complement the faux tropical setting.

The separate male and female locker rooms comprise the bulk of facilities at Club Oasis. Start your exploration by heading all the way to the back where you’ll find a standard steam room, a roomier sauna and a relaxing hot tub with an infinity edge where you can unwind following your treatment. Then make your way back to the middle of the spa, where you’ll see six shower stalls, all outfitted in beige stone and small purple tiles and stocked with Lux shampoo-body wash (alas no conditioner), as well as a handy swimsuit dryer should you have fancied a swim. Lockers, of course, take up a good portion of the locker room, and although they can look a little worn, these dark wood lockers are handy enough and are equipped with hangers for storing your clothes, as well as plastic slip-on blue sandals for padding around the spa (if you’re not given a robe, just ask for one at the desk at the locker room’s entrance foyer). You’ll also find private dressing rooms for your convenience. Working your way back toward the entrance of the locker room, you’ll find the main mirrored grooming area with vanities stocked with hair dryers, lotion, deodorant and hairspray, plus combs, cotton pads and swabs (additional items, including dental kits and contact lens solution can be requested at the desk as well). Like the rest of Club Oasis, the locker rooms are decorated in a natural style with plush mauve carpeting, lots of dark wood, light marble and stone, and beige and cream accents with the occasional Asian sculptural figure or detailing in the artwork. One note, though: You’ll be sharing the locker room at Club Oasis with Grand Hyatt’s hotel guests (although there are restrictions for children in the steam room and sauna), so during peak hours some of the wet areas might become crowded.

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