What is the waiting area like at Club Oasis?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There isn’t a single dedicated waiting area at Club Oasis, but instead several nooks throughout the spa where you can plop down while waiting for your therapist. The most likely spot is inside the main foyer of the locker room, where you’ll find a comfortable dark rattan sofa topped with plush white pillows and seat cushions, as well as two arm chairs and two low wooden coffee tables decorated with small vases of orchids. Another sofa is available in the main grooming area of the locker room, although this might not be the prime spot for sitting since you’ll have to deal with the sound of hairdryers and chit-chat. Otherwise (or if you’re spa-going with a member of the opposite sex), we’d recommend relaxing in at one of the many armchairs and coffee tables in the hallway that connects the male and female locker rooms. It’s not quite as intimate of an area, but you’ll be able to brush up on current Beijing events, thanks to publications like The Beijinger and City Weekend, or chat away with your companion — just make sure to tell the attendant at the reception desk that you’d prefer to wait for your therapist there.

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