What are the best places to eat in Beijing?

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Photo for Ming Tsai

Go to where there are only Chinese people; don't go to places where there are only tourists. I've heard people come back from China and say the food was no good and I’m like, "Well where did you eat?" and they say,  "Oh we ate with the tour group here, here and here." You have to break out. I know people aren't all going to eat street food, but that's some of the best food. And as a side note: if you do travel the world, take probiotics.

A must-go restaurant in Beijing is Made in China in Grand Hyatt Beijing — really good Peking duck, good pot stickers and sizzling lamb. A second restaurant that has really known for Peking duck is Da Dong. They go through a couple hundred a day — they're known for their Peking duck.

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