An indulgent Cancun spa escape

26 Treatment Rooms

The massive and stunning Coral Gem Spa lies hidden away within the walls of Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun, an elegant beach resort in the very heart of Cancun. Known for its lagoon-style pools and impeccable restaurants, the hotel boasts a spa every bit as beautiful as its beach.

A wide staircase leads up to the lavish spa landing that overlooks a blue pool lined with soothing jets. To the left is the women’s area and to the right is the men’s, each a warmly lit haven where heat and cold combine to bring restoration and peace.

A glass elevator takes you to the lower floor that houses Coral Gem Spa’s blue-tinged relaxation space. The 26 treatment rooms exude tranquility with rich wood, sand-colored marble, black granite and Italian mosaics throughout the spa’s impressive 40,000 square feet of space.

The Hydrotherapy Ritual

Each experience at the Cancun spa begins by reviving the body through a 10-step hydrotherapy ritual. The first nine steps take place within the respective women’s and men’s areas with a personal valet to guide you through each phase.

First, choose your scent for the aromatherapy steam room before cleansing the skin with an invigorating shower. Next, detoxify your body in the clay steam room and soothe the skin with a gentle rain shower. The scented wood sauna detoxes and boosts immunity while the ice room uses ice crystals to close pores and increase circulation.

Step up to the hydro area for a dip in the polar pool and bubbling whirlpool, and pamper the feet with a walk along the submerged pebbled walkway. The tenth and final step brings you back out to the to the large Pool of Sensations, where geysers, neck jets and cascades massage and relax the body from every angle for your impending spa treatment.

The Massages

From quick tension relief to extensive 80-minute processes, the massage menu at Coral Gem Spa highlights techniques from across the globe. The Seventh Wonder Luxury Massage features quartz gemstones that are placed on seven chakra areas, and aromatic oils to peacefully perk you up. Indulge in a combination of Balinese, Indian, Thai and Chinese techniques with the Ancient Wisdom Massage, or discover complete relaxation and a balanced energy flow by stimulating your head’s chakra points with an Indian Head Massage.

For a little mood-setting, pairs will want to try the memorable experience of the Romantic Escape Couple’s Massage, which includes use of the spacious and beautifully equipped Coral Suite as well as an aromatic rose oil massage.

The Mayan Treatments

Inspired by the ingredients and techniques used by the Mayan people from the regions surrounding Cancun, the luxury spa boasts several Mayan treatments designed to renew and relieve.

The Mayan Princess Body Treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation, leading into a massage with a tangerine and vanilla mask. The Mayan Prince Treatment also begins with exfoliation, but instead utilizes a mud made with chaya, a native plant often used in Mayan healing; men can also rehydrate and strengthen shaving-battered skin through the properties of amethyst with the Mayan Emperor Facial.

Copal, a local tree resin, is frequently used to cleanse and purify the spirit in ancient Mayan ceremonies, and Coral Gem Spa utilizes its properties in its 120-minute Mayan Gods Ritual. The copal body exfoliation and body wrap hydrate and revitalize, and the service ends with a calming Mayan massage known as the rebozo technique (named after the traditional Mexican shawl) to ease sore muscles.

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Spa

DETAILS - Insider Information About This Spa