What are the best things to eat and drink at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort?

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At The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, you can grab a bite at several spots, including The Ocean Room, Jasmine Porch, Loggerhead Bar & Grill and through the 24-hour room service. However, we say the best things to eat are all on the menu at the Four-Star Ocean Room, the Sanctuary's beloved steakhouse:

1. The rib-eye. Being a steakhouse, it's only proper to order the classic rib-eye. But this slab is a bit bigger than your average cut. The 40-ounce bone-in rib-eye is carved tableside and served right onto your plate to retain all of its juices. Of course, at 40 ounces, this steak is large enough to share, though you'll want it all for yourself.

2. The sushi. After numerous diners clamored for sushi, the Bar at The Ocean Room finally hired a sushi chef. This just so happens to be the only place on Kiawah Island to get sushi. The fresh rolls are made with perfectly sticky Forbidden Rice.

3. The filet mignon. The filet mignon is definitely one of our favorite things to enjoy when we visit the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel. The filet is tender and lightly seasoned to let the natural flavor stand on its own. We know it's a safe bet, but it's worth staying on the safe side this time.

4. The starchy sides. Among the sides, all of which are served family style, try the bacon tots. The crisp potato dish is perfectly cooked and paired with a bacon-laced dipping sauce. The thinly cut pommes frites are also a great choice; they are cooked in truffle oil, which gives the fries a distinct, delicious flavor.

5. The seasonal beef. This steakhouse offers seasonal cuts of beef, including the 130-degree tenderloin and a dry-aged steak raised at nearby MiBek Farms especially for luxury Kiawah Island hotel's onsite restaurant, The Ocean Room. These prime cuts are always fresh, flavorful and a give you plenty of reason to come back to the Four-Star restaurant.

The five best things to eat and drink at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island are:

1. Shrimp and grits at Jasmine Porch, the hotel’s Low Country cuisine restaurant.

2. Sanctuary Chop in The Ocean Room, the hotel’s Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star steakhouse.

3. Sushi in The Ocean Room lounge.

4. Homemade cookies in Beaches and Cream, the hotel’s ice cream shop.

5. An authentic mint julep in the Lobby Bar.

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