What kind of glassware is used at The Ocean Room?

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Small, thoughtful details are what give The Ocean Room a pleasingly sophisticated feel, from the small footstools and fresh bouquets to the elegant throw pillows and fine glassware. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star steakhouse located inside The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island uses both glasses from Riedel and from Andrea Robinson. Riedel glasses are used to serve specific varietals of wine (a pinot noir from Willamette Valley and a Merlot from Columbia Valley might be served in different Riedel stemware). The Ocean Room also uses The One by Andrea Robinson. This piece of stemware was designed to bring out the best qualities of white and the best qualities of red, no matter the varietal. These two brands allow the restaurant to tailor the glass to what you’re drinking, whether it’s a light chardonnay or a deep cabernet sauvignon.

Garth Herr

The Ocean Room uses the finest brands of glassware to serve beverages, mainly Riedel and Schott Zwiesel. The most recent decision we made was to serve our white wines offered by the glass in The One brand glasses. The unique shape of the glass complements the white wine, which enhances the nose and aromas particular to most of the varietals that are chosen on the list. We also have different types of the Extreme Series by Riedel, including its Bordeaux and Oregon styles.

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