What is the noise level like at Shanghai Terrace?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The noise level at Shanghai Terrace varies based on where you’re sitting and which season you dine at the Chinese eatery. During the spring and summer, the restaurant opens up the terrace, providing a great view of Michigan Avenue and a perfect spot to enjoy the few warm months in the Windy City. As Chicagoans fill the outdoor space, chatter and clinking cutlery put the noise level at a dull roar.

Inside is more tranquil and intimate, with only 70 seats and traditional Chinese music wafting in the background. No matter your setting, though, Shanghai Terrace never gets loud enough that you won’t be able to carry on a private conversation.

The noise level is considerably low in Shanghai Terrace. We strive to create a calming, cozy atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Conversations are generally quiet, and we keep our music in the background so guests can have quality conversations without speaking over loud music.

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