What music is played at Shanghai Terrace?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Shanghai Terrace plays more upbeat music in its terrace to match the buzzing, cocktail-sipping crowd and more toned-down tunes for the quieter diners in the more formal indoor dining room. If you decide to dine outside, your spectacular view will be met with a loud playlist. Though you’ll also hear a dull roar from the chatter of guests who pack the popular terrace during the spring and summer. Don’t worry about carrying on an intimate conversation: The terrace doesn’t get too noisy that you won’t enjoy your company.

If you decide to eat in the tranquil indoors, the dining room wafts rhythms of traditional Chinese music. Though the tunes are played at a softer volume than the music outside, you’ll still be able to hear the soundtrack, making your meal even more authentic.

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