What kind of aromatherapy massages are offered at The Spa at Trump Chicago?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Grant Bruce

The Spa at Trump Chicago offers five different “intentions” that have been designed to encompass all the dynamics of life, and you can choose any of them with the aroma-infused massage. Starting with Purify, this intention is tailored to cleanse and enlighten both the body and mind. Balance restores depleted energy and stimulates creativity. Revitalize is an energy boost, invigorating the body and revealing an uplifted inner self. Calm was designed for tranquility, creating a state of complete relaxation. Lastly, Heal is a renewing spirit, set to ease the mind and soothe the body. The aroma-infused massage uses botanical oils that match whichever intention you choose, and it comes in a 60- or 90-minute treatment.

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