What kinds of scrubs are offered at Spa at The Broadmoor?

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Spa at The Broadmoor, a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa in Colorado Springs’ The Broadmoor hotel, offers three different scrubs sure to soothe your body and soul.
The 30-minute Chardonnay Sugar Scrub ($90) offers wine therapy of the pre-happy hour kind, while the 50-minute Ginseng & Gingko Body Polish ($135) combines exfoliation with aromatherapy via lavender and bamboo as well as its namesake ingredients. The most exotic option, however, is probably the Ceremonial Turmeric Scrub ($140), a 50-minute session that sees you slathered in an exfoliating mixture of rice powder and spice, as well as tangerine and rose oils, then lavished with lavender-scented hand and body lotion.

Cassie Hernandez

The Spa at The Broadmoor offers three different types of scrub treatments: the Ginseng and Gingko Scrub, the Tumeric Scrub and the Chardonnay Sugar Scrub.

Known for centuries to inspire health, wine therapy is embraced throughout the Chardonnay Sugar Scrub. Unveil radiant skin with a blend of natural oils rich in antioxidants from Chardonnay grape seeds and sugar. Skin is nourished, soft to the touch and ready to flaunt.

Create a pathway to the senses with intuitive aromatherapy with the Ginseng & Gingko Body Polish. Lavender, ginseng, gingko biloba and bamboo combine as one to slough away dead skin cells. For your ultimate comfort, each bamboo bead is tumbled into a sphere, removing jagged edges, ensuring each bead melts into the skin, while still exfoliating. Warm water cascades over your body to remove the polish, leaving soft, supple skin.

Designed for royalty, this finely ground rice powder and turmeric blend is mixed with Tangerine and Rose Dry Oil for the perfect skin therapy in the Ceremonial Turmeric Scrub. The rice powder exfoliates topically while turmeric heals within. Conclude with an application of our Lavender Hand and Body Cream.

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