What unique treatments are available at Spa at The Broadmoor?

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Among the unique treatments you’ll find at Spa at The Broadmoor, one of the most unusual is the La’Lur Ceremony ($315), a three-hour, four-part service inspired by an Indonesian pre-wedding beauty ritual (which traditionally lasts several days). The treatment kicks off with 30-minute soak in a private tub with rose-scented bath salts (and a rubber ducky to boot). Then your skin is treated to a hibiscus-and-turmeric body scrub, a Swedish massage with jasmine oil, and a moisturizing session with coconut body lotion that includes acupressure. Another unique treatment is the spa’s most expensive package, the Wine Down at $385; also four parts, the package includes the chardonnay sugar scrub, a Swedish massage with wine-therapy oil, a manicure and the deluxe pedicure. You won’t find these anywhere else other than the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa.

Cassie Hernandez

The Premium Facial is our most unique service. Deep within the roots of Bali culture morphed this one-of-a-kind 90-minute facial. This treatment begins with our estheticians anointing oil on the back in a ritualistic performance.?With tensions eased, we will carry out the eight much-needed levels of pampering to transform the skin. Our technicians will select from a variety of all-natural, botanical skincare to specifically customize your course of therapy. Your face massage is a fusion of acupressure, lymphatic drainage, scalp and ear massage, finished with a European flare.

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