What words best describe the style of Four Seasons Hotel Denver?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There’s many words describe the style of Four Seasons Hotel Denver, but here’s our take on the style using only five words:

1. Modern. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is fresh and modern using modern furnishings and upscale décor throughout the hotel. You’ll notice the free-standing fireplace sitting in the lobby bar as well as modern artwork and sculptures throughout. There’s also modern technology found within the rooms, making it very contemporary but still keeping a classic vibe to last the test of time.

2. Comfortable. The hotel is filled with plush, comfortable couches and chairs to sit and relax, grab a drink or people-watch. This comfortable vibe translates to the rooms as well with cozy beddings, seating, and deep-soaking tubs allowing you to get comfortable and relax.

3. Nature. Throughout the luxury hotel, you’ll notice a theme of nature—including the different seasons and surrounding nature found in the Rocky Mountains region— in the artwork and sculptures, as well as the color scheme.

4. Sleek. Four Seasons hotels are known to be sleek and this one is no different. Marble flooring, plush furnishings, dark woods and luxurious furnishings, this hotel is very sleek.

5. Sophisticated. With its sleek and modern design, the hotel exudes sophistication for a jet-setter group looking for the best of the best in their hotel accommodation. The style is elegant and upscale in the public areas as well as the guest rooms.

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