Should visitors rent a car in Dubai?

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Ankur Bagga
  • Ankur Bagga

  • Chief Concierge | | NPI Media

Unless you are travelling with a passion to discover the charms of United Arab Emirates, just for Dubai I would personally not recommend renting a car. However, if you are seeking adventure and fun that is a different story altogether. Dubai is well known all over the world for its adrenaline rushing qualities, especially when it comes to cars! Not many places in the world have made it this easy for a sports car enthusiast to indulge in driving a Ferrari 458 or even a Lamborghini Aventador. That I would certainly recommend, not for touring around but just for the thrill of it. One for the bucket list! On the other hand, if you are the person I mentioned in my opening line, Dubai and its neighbouring Emirates have a lot to offer and discover once you are on the road and in control.

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