What are some things to know before visiting Dubai?

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Ankur Bagga
  • Ankur Bagga

  • Chief Concierge | www.myconcierge.com | NPI Media

Dubai is an ever growing land of opportunity and experiences! It is also very deeply sown with its culture and heritage and expects the deserved respect for the same. A very famous adage, 'Respect the law of the land,' is aptly befitting to Dubai. Some key things to remember before visiting Dubai:
- Dress comfortably yet conservatively, especially in 'Old Dubai' and public places like malls, etc.
- Public displays of affection are not well received and should be avoided.
- Public drunkenness is frowned upon and results in immediate arrest if the authorities observe.
- Driving and traffic laws are very strict coupled with huge fines and/or arrest.
- Drinking and driving is a huge criminal offence resulting in arrest, fine and deportation with a ban to re-renter the Emirate.

On a lighter note:
- All evening entertainment like bars and clubs close sharp at 3 a.m. if not earlier.
- Taxis in Dubai are very efficiently controlled, montiored and tracked in case of any rare fraudulent fare transaction, lost items or a general complaint. Always remember to ask for a receipt and keep the same on you for any future requirements.
- Dubai Metro is well connected and is the most recommended mode of public transportation.
- You can haggle your way to a great bargain on a variety of items, especially in 'Old Dubai', Gold Souk, Textile Souk and Karama. Again, a very entertaining and money saving experience.
- Most importantly, come with an open mind, embrace the culutre and heritage of this magnificient city and enjoy every moment of it!

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