What are the five best Dubai food experiences?

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Paul Brady

Dubai’s ever-growing status as an international melting pot makes for exciting dining options that go well beyond what you might expect, including our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ picks for the city’s five best food experiences:
1. Celebrity chef restaurants. Dubai has a number of upscale white-tablecloth restaurants that are affiliated with world-class chefs from around the world; most of these places are located within the city’s top luxury hotels. These Four- to Five-Star caliber restaurants often have vast wine cellars, too, though expect to pay outrageous, sin-tax-inflated prices for those bottles.
2. Brunch. Weekend brunch is big with the huge European and American expat population, with unlimited refills of champagne one of the big draws of the sometimes day-long affair.
3. Ethnic restaurants. A more affordable option are the huge number of ethnic restaurants offering everything from Argentine to Singaporean fare. One of our favorites is Ravi’s, a famed Pakistani restaurant that’s popular with locals and tourists alike. The supremely basic décor here belies the complexity and quality of the food.
4. Shawarma. The local classic is a late-night shawarma snack after a long night of partying. Follow the crowds to Satwa for eats at Al-Mallah or Beirut.
5. Waterfront dining. Finally, dinner on the Dubai waterfront is one of the more underrated dining experiences in the city. Legends, a steakhouse located at the Dubai Creek Golf Club, is a recommended option.

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