What is the best thing to bring home from Dubai?

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Paul Brady

If it’s legal you can buy it in Dubai, often for prices that are competitive with shops back home. If you’re looking for something expensive in particular — Arab, Persian or Turkish carpets, high-end electronics or camera gear, jewelry — first do some research before you arrive on prices and quality. Many of the city’s boutiques and reputable shops are online, so you can easily coordinate a serious splurge before you even arrive — and make sure you’re paying a fair price.
Dubai has been a hub for the gold trade long before mass tourism touched the city, and Forbes Travel Guide’s editors say gold is still the best thing to bring home from your visit, particularly since the combination of competition amongst hundreds of retailers and no government taxes keeps prices as low as you’ll find pretty much anywhere in the world. The gold souk in Al-Ras offers traditional Arabesque and South Asian designs as well as contemporary styles, while the Dubai Mall has its own “gold souk” wing with fantastically extravagant jewelry shops and some well-stocked international bauble boutiques.

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