What is the best time to visit Dubai?

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Ankur Bagga
  • Ankur Bagga

  • Chief Concierge | www.myconcierge.com | NPI Media

Dubai is a favoured destination almost all year round from varying parts of the world depending upon their national holidays, etc. Generally speaking, the most ideal time to visit Dubai is between October and March. The summer is well on its way to allow the cool winter breeze and dreamy sunsets to take over! The city is abuzz with locals and tourists taking to the white sandy beaches and indulging in all the activities and venues that took slight of a back seat for the summer period. May to September are the hottest months, however, you will still find avid travelers taking benefit of the declining hotel rates, etc. For the shopping afficionado, one month in the peak season, Jan-Feb, Dubai hosts the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) and similarly in the summer for a month, June-July, the counterpart, DSS (Dubai Summer Surprises) brings in people from across the globe.

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