What should I pack for a trip to Dubai?

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Ankur Bagga
  • Ankur Bagga

  • Chief Concierge | www.myconcierge.com | NPI Media

Dubai's sub-tropical climate basically means it is warm all year round with maybe a day or two of rain, and more likely than not, you will miss that! The essential items to carry for a trip to Dubai are a lot of light, comfortable clothing, sunglasses, hats (if you're a hat person), comfortable footwear (for long walks in the historical and cultural 'Old Dubai') and a camera — you cannot get a better photo-opp anywhere else in the world! A lot of travelers generally miss out on key places to visit as they forget to pack in some smart casual clothing. It is an essential tip to bear in mind that most good restaurants in Dubai insist on smart casual attire and you can never go wrong with a light collared shirt, smart chinos and comfy but closed shoes! Oh and don't forget the sun cream!

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