What is the interior design of Caprice?

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The interior design of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong's Caprice is best described as baroque meets Asian contemporary. Hong Kong-based interior designer Alan Chan worked with Japanese designer Yasuhiro Koichi and his Tokyo-based firm Design Studio Spin to create the splendid space. The gold-leaf boxes in the wall alcoves call to mind the elaborate designs of 17th-century France, as do the intricately carved brass lamp covers in the main dining room. But the red-shaded side-table lamps, with their tassels and traditional Chinese tulip shapes, bring you back to 1930s Shanghai.

There are two large tapestries — one at either end of the dining room — that were created by Czech artists and based on two famous paintings, La Plume (“The Quill”) and La Primevere (“The Primrose”), by art nouveau painter Alphonse Maria Mucha. They recall the heyday of French painting in the 1920s and 1930s. The same Czech team also created the brass lamp covers and the four large chandeliers, which are made of Swarovski crystals. The dining-room arm chairs, masculine in their brown leather and black wood, are a new addition after the French restaurant’s recent overhaul, which also saw the original green carpet replaced with one in brown, light blue and cream semicircles.

There’s a walkway illuminated by a warm yellow light that runs through the center of the restaurant and past the open kitchen, which itself is a focal point of the Hong Kong restaurant. It offers an intriguing glimpse of the 25-strong chef staff hard at work.

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