What are the best neighborhood restaurants in Hong Kong?

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Barbra Austin

Hong Kong has its share of destination restaurants, but it’s the no-frills, everyday kind of places that really form the fabric of the city. There are restaurants, cafés and noodle shops everywhere, in every neighborhood, filling up and emptying out with the rhythm of the day. And sometimes it's the most non-descript places that attract the biggest crowds.

I live in Sheung Wan, home to a number of trendy restaurants with plenty of buzz. But these are my favorite low-key local places:

On the corner of Pound Lane and Tai Ping Shan Street, For Kee is known for their delicious, tender pork chops.

I might not cross town to eat at Dim Sum Square, but then again I don’t have to. They have a fried rice noodle roll filled with a steamed noodle roll that I crave, and the price is hard to beat.

The tiny Il Moro attracts local creative types with solid, generous Italian cooking and an owner who loves to play host.

Katong Laksa on Mercer fits the bill when I have a hankering for its namesake noodle dish in spicy coconut broth.

For a cake break, charming Café Loisl recreates the Vienna coffee house experience with treats like strudel, linzertorte and plenty of whipped cream.

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