What are the best places for dim sum in Hong Kong?

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  • Andre Fu

  • Interior Architect

  • Hong Kong, CN, CN

Island Tang — the restaurant itself has kind of a modern Art Deco Shanghai spirit to it, so on that level it’s fairly appealing. It’s got a small menu of fairly exquisite dim sum. It’s very honest food, but that’s the beauty of it. Kee Club is also great for dim sum.

Barbra Austin

Don’t leave Hong Kong without going for dim sum. Composed mainly of small, steamed items — pork buns, shrimp dumplings and rice noodle rolls, for example —  dim sum is traditionally more of a snack, meant to accompany tea, but it can easily turn into a feast.

Lin Heung
Few concessions to foreigners are made at this longstanding institution on Wellington, a loud and bustling tea house that feels untouched by time. For the best items, feel free to hover near the kitchen door to catch the pushcarts as they come out. This palce is not for the timid, but it is lots of fun.

Maxim's Palace City Hall
Go early or be prepared to wait for a table in this massive room overlooking the harbor, a favorite with visitors on the weekend and workers from the surrounding buildings during the week. Service is by pushcart, and there is an English menu with pictures that is very helpful.

Tim Ho Wan
The wait is sometimes longer than a meal at this inexpensive, award-winning, wildly popular mini-chain, run by the former chef at the Four Seasons. Reward your patience with an extra order of the superb baked pork buns.

Lung King Heen
Speaking of the Four Seasons, you’d be wise to book well in advance for a midday meal here, featuring some of the most refined dumplings in the city.

West Villa
In the Lee Gardens complex in Causeway Bay, this solid address attracts a big family crowd on the weekends, so booking a reservation is recommended.

A personal favorite (and run by the same group as West Villa), this slightly hard-to-find spot in Causeway Bay does everything right, but is rarely crowded.

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