What are the best technology hotels in Hong Kong?

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Barbra Austin

These Hong Kong hotels know that free WIFI is no longer enough to satisfy savvy travelers.

The ICON is connected to the hilt, and its iGuest app puts hotel services at your fingertips. Web enabled screens in the bathroom mirror mean you never have to be offline.

At The Mira, laundry, limo, and other concierge services come at the touch of a screen; room phones can go mobile; and the “infotainment” — TV, Internet and music — is all wirelessly controlled.

From check in to check out, everything is wireless and paperless at The Upper House, a small luxury hotel with big, big rooms and streamlined service.

The business traveler is the Grand Hyatt’s bread and butter, so efficiency and connectivity are top priorities here.

The W Hotel has an app that allows you to order room service or stream music from your own device. A high tech business center helps you get your work done.

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