What festivals are going on in Hong Kong?

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Barbra Austin

Here’s what’s happening in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Restaurant Week August 5-11) gives eager eaters the chance to dine at some of the city's best and most popular tables, for a song.

The Summer Spectacular (through August) exists mainly to promote tourism during the hottest months, but there are some intriguing offerings, including discounts at popular attractions, live music, and sporting events. See the Hong Kong Tourism Board website for details.

Programmed for children, the International Arts Carnival (July 5 - August 11) features theater, music, and dance troupes from around the world.

During the Hungry Ghost Festival (August), the dearly departed are believed to come back to visit; families leave offerings of food and fake money to appease the wandering spirits, and elaborate bamboo stages are constructed around the city for traditional opera performances.

Rooted in ancient agricultural traditions, the Mid-Autumn Festival (September) celebrates the harvest with glowing lanterns, dragon dances, and mooncakes. Victoria Park is where much of the action happens.

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