What new museum exhibits are in Hong Kong?

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Barbra Austin

Here's where to get your cultural fix in Hong Kong right now:

The Origin of Dao: New Dimensions in Contemporary Chinese Art (at the Hong Kong Art Museum until August 18, 2013) This carefully curated exhibit explores the current state of Chinese art, with an emphasis on ways that artists are incorporating traditional techniques into their work to create a contemporary Chinese vernacular.

Intelligence Infinity: Inspiration Through Art (at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum until September 23, 2013) Designed for kids, this interactive, interdisciplinary exhibit puts the “art” in “smart” by using Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences as the basis of curation.

Light Before Dawn: Unofficial Chinese Art 1975-1984 (at the Asia Society until September 1, 2013) By refusing to make art that served the political aims of the Cultural Revoluti and instead choosing to make art for art’s sake, the artists in this show risked their lives and unknowingly set the stage for China’s explosion in the art world.

Maritime Porcelain Road: Relics from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Museums (At the Hong Kong Art Museum until February 16, 2014) This exhibit showcases exquisite pieces from the collections of the three participating museums, and examines the ways in which Chinese techniques have influenced the global ceramics trade for centuries.

Bruce Lee: Kung Fu - Art - Life (at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum through July 20, 2018) Martial arts fans and film buffs will enjoy this retrospective on the legendary life of one of cinema's most influential fighters.

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