What is involved in the Encore Tower Suites' turndown service?

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Las Vegas mega-hotels sometimes skimp on (or skip) turndown service, but Encore Tower Suites provides turndown for every room as a matter of course. While you are away at dinner, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel’s housekeeping staff will prepare your room for your return by dimming the lights and drawing the curtains. You’ll find slippers placed beside a linen mat at your bedside and your plush robe hanging in the bathroom. Creamy Chewter's Belgian chocolates are placed on your nightstand along with the TV remote, and if you happen to leave a book beside your bed, you will return to find a Las Vegas bookmark. Your room is also stocked with bottled water and a fresh supply of ice. 

Brian Gullbrants

Turndown is the second service of the day at Encore Tower Suites — your room is refreshed, trash is removed and the amenities are replenished. During the service, the bed is turned down and slippers are placed on the mat near the bed. Fresh ice for beverages is provided. For ambience, the drapes and sheers are drawn closed and the TV channel is set to reflect an evening mood. You’ll also find chocolates and a special gift of a bookmark.

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