What are the popular attractions near Altira Macau?

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The appeal of Altira Macau, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, is that it’s a bit removed from Macau’s main attractions. We think a visit to Altira is perfect for a self-contained weekend getaway where you enjoy the room, the view, the spa and the restaurants. But if you get curious and you need to find some attractions, you won’t regret taking the shuttle over to the City of Dreams to see The House of Dancing Water show. It’s a spectacle of acrobatics, water tricks and stunts specifically created for City of Dreams that you will remember and want to tell your friends about upon your return home.

Macau has a rich culture, and it would be to your advantage to take a small break from getting pampered at our spa or fine restaurants to do a bit of exploring. Whether it’s museums, historical landmarks, churches or gardens, hop over the bridge via taxi or our car service and make your way downtown into Macau. Check out The Mandarin’s House, the massive ancestral home of Zheng Guanying built around 1869. The private home’s size is rare in Macau, making it that much more fun to walk around in the gorgeous rooms and ogle the unique architecture. The Macau community has deep religious and spiritual roots, so visit the A-Ma Temple (Macau’s name is derived from A-Ma-Gau, the seafarers’ goddess). The temple consists of prayer halls, pavilions and courtyards built directly into a hill, and is connected by winding paths next to moon gates and small gardens. If you’re looking for a bit of outdoor exploration, warm your feet on the sandy beaches of Coloane Island. What was once an area of deserted coves, large sea caves and a stomping ground for pirates is now an idyllic spot to spend some time outside, utilizing the hiking trails and other outdoor attractions. Venture to Coloane at Seac Pai Van Park to see the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion. The indoor and outdoor areas with varied elevations will give you an up-close and personal look at giant pandas, one of the treasured animals in China.

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