What words best describe the style of Altira Macau?

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Altira Macau stands out for its sense of style. Designer Peter Remedios nailed the feeling that you are in a rich, sumptuous home away from home. Here are a few words we’d use to describe the Macau hotel’s style:

1. Contemporary. Altira’s guest rooms have a luxurious mixture of modern design with clean lines and angular furnishings.

2. Cozy. Plush accents like a throw make it all too easy to cuddle up on the soft, gold velour couch. It adds warmth to the room.

3. Natural. The rooms at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel are done up with natural elements such as hardwood, natural stones and an uninterrupted view of the South China Sea.

4. Sensual. The color scheme and various textures give the guest rooms a sensuous feel, from the gold velour built-in couch to the cushy chocolate-brown carpet.

5. Lush. The lush textures and fabrics used throughout the luxury Macau hotel make you want to touch everything. At least you can sprawl out on that velour gold couch whenever you want.

The style of Altira Macau can be described best as:

Luxurious. Whether it’s the breathtaking views of the Macau peninsula on our 38th floor lobby, or the plush and elegant décor in our guestrooms, one thing is certain: at Altira Macau, we value luxury. We strive to give you the most accommodating stay in Macau, and make sure to provide elements of luxury in all of the details around the property.

Sleek. Altira Macau showcases the perfect combination of luxury with modern and contemporary elements. The guestrooms in the hotel feature sleek, stylish furnishings and the bathrooms are equipped with crisp finishes and amenities. We want you to feel both relaxed and impressed by our level of classic sophistication.

Serene. Despite the fact that Altira Macau offers our guests a bevy of activities and services, our location overlooking the Macau peninsula in Taipa gives us a feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We continue this feeling, especially, in our spa, with its relaxing atmosphere and treatments designed to let you sink into a state of tranquility.

Modern. After we revamped our property and changed our name to Altira Macau in 2009 you can expect all of our technology and interiors to be up-to-date and ready to accommodate your needs. With smooth finishes and luxurious furniture, we’re confident that you will notice our modern touches throughout the property.

Accommodating. From the helpful concierge staff to the thoughtful amenities provided in our guestrooms, we want to make sure you feel completely at ease without a care in the world. We bring fine dining from many cuisines to you, with our variety of restaurant options, and we also offer a casino, spectacular views and excellent personal service.

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