What museums are located near Altira Macau?

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There are several nearby museums and cultural outings you’ll enjoy visiting while staying at Altira Macau. Macau is a unique city that has a proud Chinese and Portuguese heritage, evidenced in the many historical and cultural offerings around town. Take a short 10-minute drive from the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, and you’ll find the Taipa Houses-Museum, which is a cluster of houses that were residences built for high superiors and Macanese families built in 1921. And though it is not a museum, Forbes Travel Guide editors suggest you visit the Rua de Cunha or Cunha Food Street, a cultural experience with all sorts of delicious and authentic Macanese food like pork chop buns and durian milkshakes. This is also about a 10-minute drive from the luxury Macau hotel. Also consider going to the Museum of Taipa and Coloane History and a bit further you’ll find the A-Ma Cultural Village and the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion, home to Kai Kai and Xin Xin.

Despite Macau’s small size, it has a strong historical past and a rich cultural identity. There are many museums to visit while you’re visiting us at Altira Macau, such as the Macau Museum. The museum boasts a large collection of historical objects of great value, showcasing the history of the people and communities who inhabited the area throughout history. The museum focuses on explaining the development prior to the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century, as well as the different aspects of people’s daily lives, including their traditions and art. With it’s proximity to the water, check out the Maritime Museum at its location in the Square of the Barra Pagoda. The Square is dedicated to the Taoist goddess A-Ma, who is the protector of fisherman, and it is also believed to be the site where the Portuguese first landed. The museum is dedicated to the maritime history of China and Portugal, as well as maritime technology and transportation, showing how Macau has been connected to the sea. Something fun for the whole family (and racing connoisseurs) is the Grand Prix Museum, celebrating the annual Macau Grand Prix. The museum pays tribute to various drivers and other individuals who have made contributions to the success of the race’s long streak (the first race debuted in 1954) and features a great collection of outstanding machines from the former races.

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