What signature dinner dishes does Altira Macau have?

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Altira Macau’s four main restaurants all serve up very different atmospheres and food, though each has its own signature dinner dishes. You’ll never get bored of the same-old tastes here. Here are a few don’t-miss menu delights:

1. Ying is known for its innovative dim sum (Chinese food prepared as small, bite-sized plates). For a heavier snack at Ying, opt for the tasty lobster and coconut roll. If you’re looking for a full meal on one plate, go for the slow-cooked beef short ribs with red dates and the prawn medallion with herb-scented pear in tangerine paste.

2. At Tenmasa, you have to try the tempura. It’s delicious, and lighter and fluffier than you would imagine. The restaurant claims its fried recipe is a bit healthier, too.

3. Aurora’s standouts include the smoked Sicilian red prawn with capsicum sauce and hibiscus essence starter, and the fettuccine with Mediterranean mussels and sea urchin with parsley juice and herb oil as a main course. The fresh, local ingredients provide an explosion of flavor.

4. For lavish Japanese dining, head to the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel's Kira restaurant. Signature items include sushi, sukiyaki and high-class kaiseki ryori. Be sure to book a reservation in advance for dinner at Kira; this restaurant only seats 54.

With so many restaurant choices, it’s hard for us to choose our favorite signature dinner dish. If you go to Ying, the standout meal is dim sum. Guest can nosh on the steamed shark’s fin or other tasty creations, such as the slow-cooked beef short ribs with red dates, and the prawn medallion with herb scented pear in tangerine paste. If you’re in the mood for Italian, head to Aurora and order the fettuccine with Mediterranean mussels. Tenmasa is known for its tempura, so be sure to put that on your list of things to eat when you visit Altira Macau. A favorite tempura dish is the Maki prawn, a delicacy that the chefs use to measure their tempura skills.

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