What weight training equipment does Altira Macau offer?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The gym at Altira Macau has free weights and a variety of machines including an abdominal machine that has the weights to the side. Ask the trainer on duty to show you how to use it and you’ll feel more toned when you leave the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel. Altira’s gym is located on the 16th floor of the hotel, where you will pump some iron with Altira’s signature view of the water and Macau Peninsula from pretty much all of the equipment. The gym is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is just down the hall from the pool, so cross training is a cinch. Also, you’ll find wet and dry sauna facilities in the locker room for a nice, post-workout relaxation session.

When you want to build those muscles, visit the weight training equipment in the gym at Altira Macau. We’ve equipped the space with various machines, all designed to help you work all the necessary muscles. Equipment designed to focus on arms, legs, stomach and back are available, including an abdominal machine with weights. If you want some help guiding your way through the different machines, don’t be afraid to ask the trainer on duty to show you the ropes. If your goal is to feel stronger and toned when you leave the gym, then you’ve come to the right place.

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