What words best describe the style of Wynn Macau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The distinct style found at Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Wynn Macau can be described with these five words:

1. Dazzling. Massive chandeliers, wall sculptures dripping in gold, high ceilings and bright red carpeting all add tons of glamour to the casino hotel.

2. Dramatic. From the neon lights of the hotel’s Performance Lake to its massive 24-carat gold Tree of Prosperity, theatrics are key to Five-Star Wynn Macau’s spectacular style.

3. Chinese-inspired. The bold colors of red and gold are prominently featured throughout the Macau hotel. The traditional color combination signifies wealth, luck, prosperity and happiness.

4. Regal. The auspicious colors of red and gold also serve to impart a sense of ceremony throughout the hotel and its guest rooms.

4. Opulent. From the gold-stripped sheets on your bed to the red velvet ropes in the casino, Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Wynn Macau is nothing short of opulent.

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