What restaurants does ANdAZ 5th Avenue have?

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Rachel Bowie

During your stay at ANdAZ 5th Avenue, make a reservation (or pop by) for breakfast, lunch or dinner at The Shop, the hotel's onsite restaurant. The open kitchen gives you a bird's-eye view of every dish the chef prepares, while the floor-to-ceiling windows that line the perimeter of the space provide gorgeous natural light — and an uninterrupted view of the New York Public Library, too. The menu is composed of farm-to-table cuisine, all sourced locally from some of the best purveyors in New York. The breads come from Balthazar Bakery, the meats from Katz's Delicatessen and the cheeses from Murray's Cheese Shop, to name a few. All are classic and well-known New York establishments, which makes your dining experience a fun way to sample the best of the city all in one place. If you're short on time, The Shop features an on-the-go menu from morning until 4 p.m. Grab coffee or tea, muffins or a light sandwich if you need to eat and dash. Be sure to check out The Shop’s vast selection of only-in-New York gifts to buy. You'll find cookbooks from famous area chefs, as well as local treats, including candies, syrup and more. The best part is that everything you find is sourced from different boroughs in New York.

If you're looking for a lighter bite and cocktails, visit The Bar Downstairs. The speakeasy ambiance makes it a popular spot, not to mention the extensive drinks menu and tapas-style fare. Here, you'll find beers from local breweries, and a carefully curated selection of wine, whiskey, scotch and more. One note: Make a reservation if you plan to stop by for a drink. There isn't a general area bar; rather, a hostess assigns all of the seats.

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