Where is the ANdAZ 5th Avenue located?

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Rachel Bowie

If you choose to stay at the ANdAZ 5th Avenue, you couldn't ask for a better location in New York. A couple of blocks from Grand Central Station, the hotel offers easy access to and from all the major sights via subway — or by foot. ANdAZ's actual address places you at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, across from the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. In addition, the Fifth Avenue location makes window shopping (and buying) easy to do. With so many shops owned by the world's best designers nearby, it's a great location for creativity and style to strike. Expect crowds during the day, but after business hours, things quiet down. Seeing the park and the library illuminated at night is a sight to see. If you prefer to venture out, simply hop on the subway, hail a cab or walk. Whichever neighborhood you want to visit, it likely won't be too far from ANdAZ 5th Avenue, given its coveted address.

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