What words best describe the style of Dream Downtown?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

If you want to know more about Dream Downtown’s style, here’s how we would describe it:

1. Hip. With music blasting through the speakers in the lobby and by the pool and a super-stylish clientele, the hip hotel has a scene that you want to be a part of.

2. Contemporary. Expect round shapes instead of the clean lines that characterize more modern design. But the minimalist and straightforward approach is still there with the silver chain metal shower curtains and the purple entryway lighting.

3. Fun. Always a lively, popping scene, the New York City hotel sees a never-ending cast of characters walking through the door, which makes people-watching in the lobby a favorite activity of guests.

4. Airy. With an outdoor pool, high ceilings and lots of light, the hotel has a refreshing and bright feel to the public spaces. The lobby tends to be on the dimmer side, but look up and you’ll see portholes that peek into the glass-bottom pool.

5. Intimate. Despite the energy coursing through the boutique hotel, the small size of the 300-plus-room property makes you feel comfortable and at home.

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