What is the design style of One UN New York?

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Linnea Covington

Originally designed by Kevin Roche in 1976, One UN New York flaunted the disco-era-inspired style that was so popular at the time. Though, as all things must change, One UN has undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation, starting with the West Tower. While you can still appreciate Roche’s original work through the tiered glass ceiling in the lobby, green and white marble floors, and mirrors lining the ground floor, the rooms have gotten a makeover. In a way, with bold polka dots and retro lamps, they still tip the hat to Roche’s design, but in a much more modern way. The original plan also included antique tapestries from around the world, which used to adorn the rooms. They have removed these priceless artifacts and instead have hung them around the common areas so all can easily appreciate them. One new addition to the New York City hotel is the Skyline Club, a public area planned by French designer Didier Gomez that features floor-to-ceiling windows and a cozy, warm interior, not unlike a clubhouse.

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