What weight-training equipment does The Peninsula New York's gym offer?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

You won’t have to abandon your fitness routine just because you’ve checked into The Peninsula New York. As a guest of the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star New York hotel, you can pump up with a line of Life Fitness weight-training equipment that works all major muscle groups. Weight machines sit in the center of the gym, which allows easy access from all other areas. The gym’s equipment includes a chest press, pectoral fly, shoulder press, row/rear delt, pull-down, seated leg press, seated leg curl, leg raise, abdominal machine and adjustable pulley machines. It also carries medicine balls, Swiss balls, stability balls, body bars, resistance bands and exercise and yoga mats. If free weights are more your workout style, stations with Haggon and Hampton dumbbells ranging from seven-and-a-half to 65 pounds arranged on racks in the corner of the room will do the trick — unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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