What parks are near Trump New York?

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Walk outside Trump International Hotel & Tower New York and you’ll see the best park in all of New York, and maybe the most famous in the world: Central Park. Renowned for its ice-skating rink, boathouse, landscape, zoo, and of course, its sheer size, Central Park begins at 59th Street and stretches all the way up to 110th Street.

Activities are limited only by your imagination. Jog on a variety of paths or wander more slowly through the park and photograph the scenery. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy a reprieve from the concrete-and-glass monoliths amid trees and green grass. Visit the conservatory, or the zoo; the animals are more active in the warmer months. And while snow coats the park in wintertime, the weather makes for a picturesque time to take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the confines of this iconic green space.

Locals and tourists alike use the park for picnics, jogging, bicycling, reading, even a brief snooze on a sunny park bench. Though Manhattan has other parks, this is by far the granddaddy of them all. Trust us, you’ll be happy if you add Central Park to your trip itinerary, especially when you’re visiting this nearby Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel.

The main park located near Trump International Hotel & Tower is Central Park.

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