What is the price range for offerings at Bouley Test Kitchen?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Bouley Test Kitchen hosts a myriad of cooking classes for the casual connoisseur, ranging in price from $75 to $175. Typically one-day sessions, each class hones in on one product, such as pasta, or a technique, such as grilling. If you really want to test your foodie skills, you can take multiple sessions to master more complex techniques, such as sous-vide. No matter your choice, you’ll leave not only with bragging rights — having been taught by world-renowned culinary talents like chef David Bouley himself — but also with take-home recipes and mouthwatering samples to fill your fridge.

The well-appointed Bouley Test Kitchen also hosts special events, from parties to receptions. Call Bouley’s special event staff directly to learn about pricing.

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