Does Bouley have any special views?

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The view from Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Bouley’s west-facing windows, which open onto Tribeca’s upscale Hudson Street, are rather mundane, but there are plenty of expertly designed touches throughout the French eatery to keep your attention — and, truth be told, since the windows are covered with lace curtains and thick floral drapes, you really can’t see out of the restaurant, anyway. Better to admire the main dining room of this New York City restaurant itself: You’ll marvel at the vaulted ceilings, rich tapestries and idyllic landscapes of the French countryside. Further back, in the dining room’s library area, you’ll find rows upon rows of weighty tomes lining the bookshelves, and if you remember to look up, you’ll get a treat in the form of vintage cartoons plastering the ceiling of this elegant restaurant from famed chef David Bouley.

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