What is the food presentation like at Bouley?

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No leaning towers of asparagus here. The food presentation at Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Bouley is neither fussy nor frivolous — it’s simply sleek and enticing with the dish’s main component in the center of the plate elegantly flanked by its accompaniments and maybe a small swoosh of sauce. Each dish at renowned chef David Bouley’s eponymous New York restaurant is brought out in its own bowl or on a serving platter, employing various china designs throughout the meal. However, you’ll likely have sides like mashed potato for your codfish or ice cream for your amaretto flan served in separate bowls so as to create minimal fuss on the plate. The table captain explains each dish, which can be expertly paired with a wine by sommelier Adrien Falcon if you so choose. The table arrangements also reflect this neat aesthetic, with a cream-colored tablecloth and small yet colorful floral arrangement the only accoutrements.

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