What is the interior design of Bouley?

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Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Bouley’s chocolate soufflé isn’t the only sweet treat on the menu — the French restaurant’s interior is pure, unadulterated eye candy for design aficionados and amateurs alike. The main level of chef David Bouley’s eponymous eatery is divided into several sections, all reflecting a similar French provincial sensibility. When you first enter the 1860s Mohawk Building, you’ll find yourself in the Apple Room, and as its name implies, this foyer is lined with shelves upon shelves of the fruit — totaling several thousand in all and emitting a fresh, sweet scent that hits you as soon as you enter. As you pass into the reception and lounge area, you’ll see the area’s dusty blue walls painted with larger-than-life white lilies. Next comes the main dining room, which boasts mica-glazed vaulted ceilings, light lilac walls, rich tapestries and oversized paintings of the French countryside evocative of Monet’s haystacks in summer, all warmed by the glow of the roaring fireplace. And finally is the Library, where dim lighting and volumes of tomes set a homey yet romantic feel. We also love the design of the restrooms, located in the basement near the wine cellar, and decorated in rich red velvet and stone. Bouley is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for your taste buds.

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