20 Tables

The minimalist dining room at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Jean Georges restaurant is Grade-A sexy — it reminds us of an extra-large egg, thanks to the curved white seating, soft round lighting, pale white walls and sheer drapes. Housed inside Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, the restaurant has a soaring ceiling and windows that contribute to the delicate, airy feeling. But that's as far as your attention will veer from the real star of the show: Jean-Georges Vongerichten's ethereal Asian-influenced French cuisine (lobster tartine with a lemongrass and fenugreek broth; young garlic soup with frog's legs). Vongerichten is a master at layering flavor, making each bite a hit parade of taste — striking you first with smoky, grilled sea bass, chasing it with tartly acidic ruby red grapefruit juice, then following with peppery-sweet caramelized radishes. Savor his flawless technique in a three-course meal or a seven-course procession of signature dishes.

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