What are the best things to order at Jean Georges?

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Jean Georges, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant from French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is known for its delicious French-Asian fusion that critics, locals and in-the-know tourists crave. The menu, which features seasonal ingredients and opts for lighter broths over traditional heavy French creams, changes often, but there are a few dishes you can expect to find at the New York restaurant, regardless of the calendar. You really can’t go wrong here, but in case you need help choosing, we've rounded up a list of the best five things to order at Jean Georges:

1. If you're in the mood to indulge, we recommend the seven-course, $148 signature tasting menu. It's a mouthwatering tour of the chef's best classic dishes. The menu features sophisticated dishes such as egg caviar, foie gras and lobster tartine with lemongrass and fenugreek broth and finishes strong with a decadent chocolate dessert tasting.

2. If you love fresh, in-season produce, the seasonal tasting menu (a splurge at $168 a person) will be right up your alley. In winter months, expect to find dishes such as the red snapper with glazed carrot, dill and clementine condiment, while the spring and summer menu features lighter fare such as a caviar with Meyer lemon gelee and creme fraiche and entrees such as wild mushroom ravioli with jalapeno and Parmesan.

3. While the New York restaurant has an extensive wine list, you should try a specialty cocktail if you're looking for something with an extra kick. Made with the same elegance and care as main courses, the liquid concoctions use light fruit flavors in new ways. The raspberry-lychee blend and vodka-thyme lemonade in particular stand out.

4. The dessert menu changes often, but you can count on one signature treat: chef and owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten's molten chocolate cake. Some argue Vongerichten helped put the now wildly popular treat on the map. Despite its near ubiquity on restaurant menus, this restaurant's cake remains as rich and gooey as ever, topped with a smooth, vanilla bean ice cream.

5. After finishing a large and delicious meal, you may not think you’ll have room for a mignardise, but save some for a signature treat. Your waiter will greet you at the end of your meal with a housemade, vanilla bean marshmallow, and then cut it tableside for you to enjoy. Other mignardises include peanut butter, jelly and chocolate truffles or macarons, but the marshmallow was our favorite mini-dessert.

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