What is the scene like at The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges?

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Linnea Covington

During the day, The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges hosts a bevy of diners, from businessmen, to ladies who lunch, to young guests staying at The Mark hotel. After that, you will find the lounge area tends to bring in the more laidback crowd, while the white-linen-covered tables in the atrium cater to business meetings, special events or people out for a quality meal. The main thing to know is that no one at the New York City restaurant is there just to hang out; visiting this fine-dining establishment is more about the food and the company rather than the scene. On the other hand, the attached Mark Bar proves a little different. By day, it’s a relaxed coffee shop type of place, with pastries, lattes and comfortable, cow-print couches for lounging. But by night, it’s one of the hottest bars in the area and fills up with all sorts of stylish Upper East Siders, hotel guests and other classy patrons looking to be seen and have a nice cocktail at the same time.

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