What are the five best treatments at The Trump Spa New York?

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You’ll have no shortage of luxurious treatments to choose from for your visit to The Trump Spa New York, but here are five of our Forbes Travel Guide editors’ favorites:
1. Trump Platinum Massage. You’ll leave feeling pampered from head to toe after this treatment in which your therapist drapes you in hot towels and gives you a relaxing foot treatment and heavenly scalp massage with aromatic oils.

2. Pure Radiance Body: A multi-step body treatment focused on nourishing damaged and dry skin, the Pure Radiance Body begins with a purifying body wash blended with papaya extracts and, afterwards, a refining body polish made from crushed bamboo, walnut, and flax seeds. That’s not all — you’ll also get an exfoliating body peel wrap and, finally, an antioxidant-rich oil and shea butter cream application.

3. UltraLuxe Facial. This cutting-edge facial uses Nonaplex technology and interval massage techniques to reverse signs of aging on your face, hands and upper body. After that, a hydrating ProPeel is applied to provoke balance in your skin.

4. Sole Soother. New York is one of the country’s greatest walking cities, so this treatment is designed to ease foot pain through an invigorating scrub, warm paraffin wrap, stress relieving neck and foot massages, and a finishing moisturizing balm.

5. Essential Body Melt. We especially love this one, which starts with a full body dry brush and is immediately followed by a deep massage with an essential oil blend. As if that weren’t enough, afterwards a moist heat application is used to release tension as your therapist gently massages your feet.

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