What does the relaxation area look like at The Trump Spa New York?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

After you check in for your appointment at The Trump Spa New York you’ll be escorted to the locker room, where you’ll change into a robe and slippers. On the way there you’ll pass the relaxation area, a small nook located next to the spa’s three treatment rooms and down the hallway from the pool. After you’ve changed you can help yourself to a Trump-branded bottle of water and take a seat here on the leather couch before your treatment begins.
The area has a natural color scheme highlighted by soothing shades of brown and beige and occasional pops of color from dried floral arrangements. Lighting is soft, but our Forbes Travel Guide editors note it’s still bright enough to read a magazine while you pass the time. New Age music adds to the peaceful ambience, but you’ll also hear sounds from the pool and the gym, located just outside the relaxation area doors.

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